Best gold bar brands: a detailed guide

Gold is a resource that is used in electronics, ornamental jewelry, coins, and other industrial purposes. Wars have been fought over this priceless metal. But despite this, humans have always been fascinated by this natural resource, which has remained valuable over time.

Camilla Lewis | Updated May 7, 2024

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This is the perfect moment to purchase gold bars as prices are stable. Information from previous years reveals that gold tends to rise in the first few months of the year. Prices decrease in the spring and summer, and then in the fall, they increase once again.

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Fortunately, we are available to assist precious metals investors in finding and buying the best gold bar brands for their expanding gold portfolios. Investing money in precious metals can be an intelligent financial move and a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Investors have traditionally considered precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum to be a safe haven.

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Gold has long been regarded as a dependable and valuable investment. Numerous investors have resorted to buying gold bars as a hedge against market volatility and a means to diversify their portfolios due to gold’s natural inclination to rise during periods of economic uncertainty.

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We are going to explore the world of the best gold bars in this article, highlighting the best gold bar brands that have gained the trust of investors all around the world.

Types of gold bars

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Below are the types of gold bars:

Cast gold bars

They are created by pouring molten gold into a mold. Each of these bars is unique since the procedure is less intricate than that of previously minted gold bars.

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They are more affordable because they are created swiftly and easily.

Minted gold bars

Although minted gold bars have a nearly faultless appearance, they need to be wrapped carefully to retain their shining, smooth surface. Unlike cast bars, they have a more visually appealing finish since they are made by pouring gold into a long piece of metal before cutting it into bars.

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These bars are easier to sell because they retain their beauty while often being kept in their original packaging. The value of the gold bar is diminished if the packaging is removed or changed.

Which brand of gold bar is best?

Below are the best gold bar brands:

PAMP Suisse gold bars

Investors have always regarded Credit Suisse gold bars as a reliable investment.

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This is easily one of the best gold bars to buy. They have a simple but gorgeous appearance. Each one also has a unique serial number that serves as an additional form of identification. As a result, the cost is reduced, keeping it from becoming a collection investment and guaranteeing a good return with the highest purity grade.

The purity requirement for Credit Suisse gold bars is .9999, which is accepted by the IRA. They are therefore a fantastic choice when buying gold bars.

Valcambi gold bars

This is easily one of the best gold bars to buy. They run their operations from Switzerland. Their site states that they refine about 6.6 tons of gold bars and gold coins every day. They include a serial-numbered assay certificate with each of their .9999 fine-minted gold bullion bars.

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The renowned Valcambi logo, a revolving square, is inscribed on the obverse of the gold bars. Weight, purity, the assay mark, and lastly the serial number are listed underneath the logo. The words “Valcambi Suisse” are inscribed on the left side of the reverse.

Perth Mint ‘gold minted bars’

The Perth Mint, which is the official bullion mint for Australia was established in 1896. Perth Mint has earned a reputation as a major manufacturer of gold bars. 10% of the gold mined worldwide is refined there. Perth Mint gold bars’ inclusion of a tamper-proof display card and an image of a hopping kangaroo makes them even more appealing to investors.

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Perth Mint has gained respect and credibility throughout the world by producing high-quality gold bars.

Johnson Matthey gold bars

This is a British company with a long history of manufacturing metals. Their popularity has skyrocketed since 1946, when they were named the official silver coin manufacturer for the United Kingdom. Their gold bars are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and degrees of fineness.

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These bars are typically only “cast” gold ingots as opposed to going through the pricey minting process used by many bullion manufacturers, lowering the premiums charged to investors.

All JM bars that are IRA-approved have a .9999 gold fineness. These gold bars are well-known and reliable across the world, just like any Credit Suisse gold bar. This is easily one of the best gold bars to buy and add to your portfolio.

Asahi gold bar

Asahi Refining combines its nearly two centuries of experience with state-of-the-art technology to deliver top-notch precious metals assaying, refining, and bullion products. The company bought Johnson Matthey’s American and Canadian gold and silver refining and minting operations in 2015.

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Asahi Refining is a gold refiner with LBMA certification and a London Good Delivery refiner.

Scottsdale mint

It is renowned for producing high-quality products. They specialize in producing silver bullion products like silver bars, silver coins, and round stackers, however, they also produce fine gold bars, both cast and minted. Even their Swiss partner Heraeus co-brands some of their gold bullion bars. These bars have special credentials for increased security and are packaged with a Certi-Lock assay card.

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Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint was established in Ottawa in 1908 under the name Ottawa Mint a subsidiary of the British Royal Mint. They are the official government mint and producer of the nation’s gold and silver bullion coins, including the renowned Maple Leaf Coins. Additionally, they produce gold and silver bars for businesses and private investors.

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The Royal Canadian Mint offers different sizes for their gold bars, from 1 troy-ounce to larger kilo cast bars.

Argor Heraeus gold bars

With its headquarters in Southern Switzerland, Argor-Heraeus is one of the most renowned, cutting-edge, and highly regarded precious metal bars enterprises in Europe. The majority of the precious metals used by Argor-Heraeus are legitimately procured from various parts of the world.

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The benefits and drawbacks of gold investment

Gold is a wise financial decision. However first, consider the benefits and drawbacks of investing in gold.

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  • Gold has been valuable for many years.
  • It is a relevant strategy for portfolio diversification and offers appropriate protection against inflation and economic uncertainty.
  • It is a simple method to avert inflation.


  • It is dangerous to own physically, but it is safer to store it in a bank vault or with a precious metals storage company.
  • Transporting gold in substantial quantities is costly.
  • Fire and other disasters can harm gold.
  • The cost of purchasing and storing gold is frequently exorbitant.

Factors to consider when purchasing gold bars

  • Company name

You shouldn’t just go ahead and purchase from any random company because gold is a substantial investment. As an alternative, you should only purchase a gold bar with a high resale value from trustworthy gold bar brands. Choose the businesses from my recommendations above if you want your gold to appreciate over time. They are all recognized as the most reputable gold refiners on the planet.

  • Packaging and certifications

The best gold bar manufacturers make intentional efforts to ensure that your investment maintains the highest level of value while being delivered to your house. Maintaining the investment’s worth calls for exercising care to keep your gold bar in its finest state. We advise against opening any gold bars that have been delivered to you in a secure package.

Assay cards, which are designed to reassure customers of the purity and authenticity of a gold bar, are included with some of the best gold bar brands you’ll find. A tamper-evident case is usually included on assay cards, so opening it prematurely could compromise the buyer’s trust when you eventually want to sell your gold for cash.

  • Insurance

Physical assets often go missing or get stolen. Because of this, investing in gold could turn out to be a risky endeavor. It is strongly advised that you insure your investment to keep it safe. You might include the cost of the Gold in your current home insurance policy if you intend to keep it there. If not, ask your insurance agent about the coverage options that will best protect your investment.

  • Purity and fineness

The majority of investors prefer gold bars to gold coins because of their high purity and fineness. The purity of the product is an important component to take into account when calculating the overall cost of a gold bar after premiums. You will receive more fine gold per ounce purchased if your gold bullion bar is purer.

For products made of gold, purity is typically given as a percentage or decimal. For instance, a .9999 pure gold bar contains gold bullion that is 99.99% pure. Some smaller gold bars may have a lower gold content, such as 99.9%.

Even while it doesn’t matter much, these slight variations in purity do have an impact on how much gold bullion you obtain when making a larger purchase.

Buying gold bars online

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There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to buy gold bars online:

  • Authentication

The first priority is authentication. It’s crucial to confirm if online-purchased gold bullion bars are actually made of gold. Verify that the internet gold seller has a good reputation before purchasing.

Check their credentials, check reviews, and confirm that their payment system is safe. Gold bars with certification, serial numbers, and hallmarks are the most crucial features to check for. As a result, the gold bar is guaranteed to be genuine, and of a specified quality, and weight.

  • Pricing

When reviewing gold prices, it is important to consider both the spot price, representing the price at which gold is currently being traded on the gold market, and the premium, representing the price of the gold bar above the spot price.

It is crucial to compare pricing among different sellers to guarantee that you are getting the best bargain possible.

  • Bonuses and promotions

Several online merchants provide special discounts, seasonal deals, and other incentives to entice customers. In order to receive the most value for your money, it is crucial to definitely take advantage of these promotions when they are offered.

Certain internet retailers provide regular consumers with loyalty or rewards programs. These programs might offer benefits like discounts, reward points, and other advantages that can enhance the shopping experience. When you buy gold bars online, it’s critical to check out any discounts and incentives provided by the seller in order to get the greatest price.

What is the highest-purity gold bar?

The highest purity gold bar is 24-karat gold.

Which is better Pamp or Valcambi?

From an investing standpoint, PAMP and Valcambi are both excellent choices. Both businesses maintain extremely high standards and a stellar reputation on a global scale by offering only the best gold bars. Therefore, if you plan to invest in one of them, don’t think twice about it and just do it. You won’t regret it, for sure.

How do I know which gold bar to buy?

Buyers should do the following before purchasing gold bars: 

  • Scout for reputable sellers.
  • Verify the purity, form, size, and weight of the bars.
  • Before accepting a price, inquire about the gold’s weight, purity, and quantity.
  • Think about additional expenses like storage, insurance, and a sales markup.
  • Purchase from trustworthy local merchants in person or online.
  • Make sure the seller is reliable by reading customer reviews.

Additionally, for gold IRA investments, you must ensure that your gold meets IRS standards for “highly refined gold bullion bars.” An effective strategy to ensure that you’re making the best investments and buying the best gold bars is to use a gold investing firm.


One of the best ways to safeguard your wealth and guarantee that it will remain stable over time is to buy gold bars. Gold bars are real, physical assets that have historically been used as a store of wealth. Investors looking for a physical asset with growth potential might consider gold bars. Gold is a precious metal that’s rare and resistant to the effects of political and economic turbulence.

Gold bars are easier to keep inside the house because they take up less space compared to coins to store the same amount of weight. Alternatively, you might keep them in a bank safe or at an establishment that has expertise in safeguarding and storing gold.

Would you like to keep them as a form of emergency financial support or as a way to safeguard your savings till your kids are grown-ups? If the former is the case, you might want to think about keeping your gold close to your house because a bank or storage facility might only be open during certain hours.

Your gold may not be readily accessible during an emergency. Before acquiring ownership of your gold bars, make provisions for storing and safeguarding them to minimize risks. Remember to properly research and always do your due diligence. I hope this article on “Best gold bar brands” is of immense help to you.

Written by Camilla Lewis

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