Engelhard Silver Bar – Serial Number Lookup

A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying and Verifying Engelhard Silver Bars Through Serial Numbers

Jane Pardo | Updated December 19, 2023

Established in 1902 in the US, Engelhard is a world-renowned manufacturer of precious metals with a solid reputation for crafting high-quality silver bullion.

While the company no longer produces silver bars, Engelhard bars are still highly coveted among collectors and investors alike.

Keep reading to learn the Engelhard silver bar serial number lookup process, including how to identify a silver bar’s serial number and classifications of Engelhard serial numbers.

Physical qualities of Engelhard silver bars and ingots

Engelhard minted a wide selection of silver bars and ingots for decades, from 1 oz and 10 oz ingots to 100 oz and 1 kg bars. Many silver bars have nearly identical designs, and each has a purity level of .999.

Engelhard silver bar

Most Engelhard silver bars feature:

  • The company’s name, usually inside an elongated octagon
  • A large E against a globe backdrop (not all Engelhard bars have this)
  • Type of precious metal (fine silver)
  • Weight
  • Purity level (.999)
  • Unique serial number

Earlier ingots showed more artistic, old-world designs, whereas later varieties were perfected with precise manufacturing processes and made with flawless stamping.

Genuine Engelhard silver bars boast a smooth, matte finish when cast and a rough finish when poured.

How to identify the serial number of an Engelhard silver bar or ingot

Engelhard silver bar

Follow these steps to find an Engelhard silver bar’s unique serial number, whether you want to know the Engelhard 10 oz silver bar serial number lookup process or examine a 100 oz silver bar.

  • Obverse: Check for a series of alphanumeric characters on the front of your Engelhard bar. You’ll usually find the serial number near the bottom.
  • Reverse: Some Engelhard bars may have the serial number engraved on the back.

Verify the serial number

After identifying an Engelhard silver bar’s serial number, the next step is to determine the authenticity of your silver.

  • Online resources: Some online platforms provide a serial number registry featuring thousands of verified serial numbers. They also provide extensive information about Engelhard silver bars, from Engelhard 100 oz silver bar serial number lookup details to common production bars and rare legacy ingots.
  • Bullion experts: Consult seasoned bullion dealers, licensed professionals, and numismatic enthusiasts specializing in Engelhard products to gain valuable insights.

Classifications of Engelhard serial numbers

Engelhard silver bars

The unique serial number of an Engelhard silver bar establishes its production sequence, age, scarcity, and rarity. Identifying the serial number lets investors and collectors determine a silver bar’s value.

Check if your Engelhard silver bar’s serial number falls under any of the following classifications.

Numerical serial runs

Number of digitsPeriodEstimated ingot mintage
4-digit runMid to late 60s1,000
5-digit runLate 60s to early 70s90,000
6-digit runMid-70s325,000

Letter prefix serial runs

PrefixPeriodEstimated ingot and bar mintage
London ½ kg and 1 kg (15 varying letter prefix ingots with the same numerical serial number run, ranging from 0001 to 19999)1960 to 196512,500 ingots
P prefixMid-70s to 1986975,000 ingots
W prefix1978 to 198043,000 ingots
C prefix (5 oz and 10 oz bars)1980 to 1986800,000 bars
D and S prefix1982 to 198620,000 bars
Double-letter prefix (mostly 1 oz pressed bars)1980 to 19864 million bars

Here are the serial number bases of early-generation Engelhard ingots, which used serial numbers to identify their weight classification.

Weight classSerial number startSeries
3 oz0300006th series (large central hallmark and serial font)
5 oz0500005th series (large central hallmark and serial font)
7 oz0700006th series (large central hallmark and serial font)
10 oz0100003rd series (large central hallmark and serial font)
25 oz0250001st series (large central hallmark and serial font)
50 oz0500001st series (shared serial run with 5 oz)
100 oz0100001st series (shared serial run with 10 oz)
100 oz10000002nd series

Engelhard had one of the best serial number sequencing procedures during the manufacturer’s active production years.

Today, the most valuable Engelhard silver bars are vintage, ultra-rare bars with a very low supply and great demand.

Final thoughts

Overall, Engelhard bars are accountable and predictable with a projectable value, thanks to serial numbers within clearly defined group ranges demonstrating origin dates and mintage.

Once you verify the serial number of your silver bar and determine its value, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re investing in a precious asset equivalent to your money’s worth.

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Written by Jane Pardo

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