Johnson Matthey Silver Bar – Serial Number Lookup

Understanding and Verifying Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Authenticity

Jane Pardo | Updated June 23, 2023

Johnson Matthey has a rich history originating in 1817 when the company opened its doors as gold assayers.

The British company became one of the most well-respected bullion manufacturers in the world from the 1960s onwards, and they sold their precious metals refining operations to Asahi Holdings in 2015, stepping away from the production of silver bars.

Today, many silver stackers, collectors, and seasoned investors covet vintage Johnson Matthey silver bars for their world-class quality and the mint’s global prestige.

Keep reading to learn about checking and verifying the serial number of a Johnson Matthey silver bar to ensure its authenticity.

Johnson Matthey silver bar serial number lookup process

With a solid commitment to quality control, Johnson Matthey manufactured high-quality silver bullion bars featuring unique serial numbers.

The placement of serial numbers on Johnson Matthey bars varies depending on the series or edition of the bars. Here’s how to find the serial number on a Johnson Matthey silver bar:

  • Check the bottom of the obverse: The front of the bar should display the serial number below the weight and purity.
  • Examine the sides of the obverse: Some Johnson Matthey silver bars, particularly the 1kg bars, have a serial number vertically stamped or engraved on the front.

The obverse of Johnson Matthey silver bars generally shows the following details:

  • JM crossed hammers logo
  • Johnson Matthey Assayers & Refiners
  • Metal type (fine silver)
  • Purity (.999 fineness)
  • Weight
  • Serial number
Johnson Matthey silver bar serial number

The reverse typically shows a diagonal repeating JM logo pattern, a blank space, or other designs depending on the series/edition.

Examples of Johnson Matthey serial number classifications

Johnson Matthey silver bars are available in various weight options, from 1 oz and 10 to 50 oz and 1 kg silver bars.

Their serial numbers have no particular uniformity, although bars manufactured in the same batch feature similar series of serial numbers.

Types of Johnson Matthey serial numbers:

  • 1 letter and 5 digits
  • 1 letter and 6 digits
  • 2 letters and 5 digits
  • 4 to 6 digits
Johnson Matthey silver bars serial number

Here are several examples of Johnson Matthey silver bar serial numbers according to their weight classes:

Weight classDescriptionSample serial numbersEstimated mintage
1 ozNon-prefix numeric serial numbers spanning from 5 to 6 digits; alphanumeric with an R prefix10197
R 07187
R 08149Less than 1 million
10 ozNon-prefix numeric serial numbers090991
239841Less than 725,000
50 ozAlphanumeric with a C suffix14248 C
16042 C
17704 CLess than 3,000
100 ozAlphanumeric with an A prefixA022873
A030295Less than 2,000
1 kgAlphanumeric with JM prefix and an A suffixJM 66436 A
JM 68598 A
JM 74200 ALess than 500

Note: Some Johnson Matthey silver bars don’t have serial numbers, particularly newer, modern bars and those manufactured for industrial, non-retail purposes. A serial number usually indicates that a Johnson Matthey silver bar is likely vintage. Experts verify authenticity by meticulously scrutinizing minute details, including bar dimensions and the JM insignia.

Verifying the serial number of a Johnson Matthey silver bar

Johnson Matthey silver bar serial number

In addition to keeping track of your inventory, identifying the serial number of your silver bars lets you trace their origins, assess their value, and combat counterfeiting.

  • Use online serial number registry resources: Find online platforms with a compilation of verified serial numbers and extensive information about Johnson Matthey silver bars.
  • Consult licensed precious metals professionals and silver bar enthusiasts to gain valuable knowledge about Johnson Matthey silver bar serial numbers.

Final thoughts

With an exemplary history and a prestigious name, Johnson Matthey continues to be a trusted brand in the global silver bar marketplace.

Have a qualified expert verify the authenticity of your silver bars if you want to ensure your hard assets are truly worth their value.

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Written by Jane Pardo

Jane Pardo

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