Pocket Piece: Everyday Carry Coins to Bring Wherever You Go

Carrying a pocket piece has been a tradition for decades.

Jane Pardo | Updated March 29, 2023

What is a pocket piece? A pocket piece, also known as an everyday carry coin, is a coin or other small object people bring with them wherever they go.

Carrying a pocket piece has been a tradition for decades. It’s an excellent way to display your coin-collecting enjoyment and share your love of coins with others. 

President Theodore Roosevelt was reported to carry an ancient 2,500-year-old Greek Owl tetradrachm. This classic coin was said to inspire him to request a redesign of the country’s coinage in the early 20th century. 

Let’s examine the concept and why people carry them. Discover how to choose the ideal pocket piece to bring with you every day, whether you’re a seasoned coin collector or just getting started with carrying coins.   

Why do people carry a pocket piece?

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People carry coin pieces for varying reasons. 

Sentimental Value 

You can carry a silver pocket piece you genuinely treasure for its sentiment and history. For example, it could be a gift from a loved one, creating a special attachment between you and the coin. 

Good Luck Charm 

Some people believe having an everyday carry coin is a source of luck, confidence, and inspiration. You can hold your favorite silver coin when facing a critical life event, like attending a job interview or making an important decision. 


A pocket piece can be fun to carry around. You can flip it and enjoy the distinct sound of silver or play with it when there’s nothing to do, like when waiting in a long grocery line or stuck in traffic. 

Representation of Your Beliefs 

A pocket piece coin is a tangible reminder of your core values and beliefs. Whenever you’re questioning your purpose and direction, pulling out your favorite silver or other metal coin can help you remember your goals and get back on track. 

A Symbol of Appreciation 

Having an everyday coin piece is how you can best express your enthusiasm for silver stacking. In your palm, the history and value of a coin become perceptible by sight and touch. It can help you remember moments like the U.S. confiscation of gold and silver in 1933.

Conversation Starter 

If you want to share your love of silver, a carrying coin is an excellent way to break the ice and start a fun conversation. You can explain the history of your favorite coin piece and encourage others to explore coin collection as a hobby or silver stacking as a survival plan

How to choose the best pocket piece for you

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The ideal carry piece holds a special meaning for you. Follow these steps to discover what type of coin you should put in your pocket daily. 

Step 1: Take inspiration from a sentimental moment or a memorable event. 

What are your most unforgettable times and places? You could pick the year you got your first job or your first anniversary. 

Or, if you’re a history enthusiast, you could pick your favorite decade-defining and historically significant events. Numismatic coins are older coins tied to specific periods or events in history.

Your silver pocket piece will be a source of an exciting story wherever you go. 

Step 2: Opt for large, heavy coins.

Big silver dollars are perfect carrying pieces, as you wouldn’t mistake them for other common coins and accidentally spend them. 

Step 3: Ask yourself what coin you would enjoy pulling out every time.

Choose something you would love to touch, look at, and play with at any time. What type of coin would you love to show off to family and friends? 

You could pick a coin most people have never seen before. Your pocket piece will immediately impress anyone who sees it, whether you’re meeting new friends at a party or sharing an attention-grabbing story with your date. 

Great pocket piece choices

Uncirculated coin types and odd-denomination coins are outstanding options for pocket pieces. 

Here are several examples of excellent everyday carry pieces you can have for yourself: 

  • The Morgan Dollar (Dated 1878 to 1921): Named after George T. Morgan, a renowned U.S. Mint assistant engraver, these large silver coins make perfect pocket pieces. 
  • The Barber Series (Dated 1892 to 1916): Named after Charles E. Barber, a U.S. Mint chief engraver, these coins were the foundation of the U.S. coinage at the time. They all had the same design, unlike the coins today. 
  • The Half-Cent, Two-Cent, and Nickel and Silver Three-Cent Coins: While these coins had short runs, they are fascinating for their odd denomination. 
  • Ancient Coins (Nearly 2,000 years old): Ancient Roman bronzes are, in fact, inexpensive. Millions were minted, and new ones are discovered underground each year. 
  • World Coins: These are perfect for globetrotters who want to express their love of traveling. You can pull out and reminisce about your favorite destinations, whether you’re carrying a French euro or a British penny. 

FAQs about pocket pieces

Will my coin get damaged if I put it in my pocket every day? 

You’re going to drop your coin and eventually damage it, and you have to be okay with it. Don’t think about the buy-back value of your pocket piece coin. It’s meant to be touched, shown off, and enjoyed. 

Can I use valuable coins? 

It’s best not to use highly valuable coins. Instead, carry around a lower-grade coin. Go for a silver pocket piece you wouldn’t mind wearing down from daily use. However, you can always choose an expensive carry piece if you can afford to lose it. 

Find your ideal everyday carrying coin

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Pocket pieces are fun to show off and carry around. Plus, they have a tangible value that makes them a worthwhile investment. 

Add a side piece to alternate with your favorite pocket piece for excitement. 

Remember to take precautionary measures by not bragging about your coin collection. Keep any expensive coins in a secure safe if you’re a silver or gold stacker. 

And if you’ve just started to gain interest in pocket pieces, take note of our tips above to discover your perfect pocket piece coin. 

Written by Jane Pardo

Jane Pardo

Jane Pardo is our senior gold & silver expert. Jane lends insight into precious metals investing, collecting, testing, and maintenance.